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Wander in peace, in a world of wonder, fabulously beautiful, phantasmagorical, 3D environments. Spread your wings and fly freely, mount your steed and set out in search of new adventures,  spread your fame throughout the realm, as you battle for survival alone or in groups.

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Crafting and Imbuing Systems - Craft items and gear with the Apothecary, Blacksmith, Armorsmith, and Craftsman professions, and Imbue your socketed items with magical gems to give them powerful bonuses. Recruit Different Kinds of Pets - Tame and train pets that can be decorative, combat-ready, or those that can serve as mounts. PvP and Territory Wars - Engage in PvP and Territory Wars, weekly 80v80 faction battles to vie for control over different regions in the game.

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